Checklist for a summer holiday

Hey lovelies! This is the time of the year when you are putting your woolen clothes back in the wardrobe & taking out your travelling bags for yet another memorable summer holiday.

So, while you pack your bags for the long summer holiday, make sure that you take these things with you so that you have a cool yet fashionable summer holidays.


Sunglasses & Camera

Shield your peppers from the bright sun by adding some style to your attire when you are on the beach with Sunglasses. Also, capture unlimited selfies while flaunting your new shades on the backdrop of stunning views with your awesome gang,so that you relish the moments forever.

 Sling Bag & Hand-Bag

The teeny sling bag or a chic hand bag is perfect for your day tours or maybe long bike rides with your gang. Also, it’s the best way to add punchy pop of color to your cut off shorts & tank top!

Hair Tie or Pins

Allow the occasional cool breeze in summer to embrace your skin & give a refreshing start to your journey ahead by tying your hair with a colorful hair tie or pins or a Twist-band that will come to your rescue when you have a bad hair day. Also, hair updos are kind of trendy this season.

Sunscreen & Sunblock

No need to bulk up your travel tote with different sunscreens for different needs. Just carry one single lotion that acts as a moisturizer & a broad spectrum SPF. So step out without hesitating and enjoy each & every moment of your long summer holidays! Don’t let the sun stop you because memories are made on the road!


 Floppy Hats

Add some glamour to your look with an over-sized topper. Then all you got to do is wear your aviators, sip on a tropical drink and relax at a shack!

Deodorants & Perfumes

Don’t let the sun bring down your energy levels & keep you from wandering. Stay refreshed all day long by wearing a cool aquatic perfume or a deodorant which keeps you alive & awesome!

Flip-flops or Flats

Summer holidays are the best time to ditch your heels and welcome the perky and bright flip flops. They always save you from running late and those shoe bites from your heels.

Makeup Kit                                           

Isn’t it obvious to carry your magic tools with you? Foundation/ BB cream, a dark Kohl and lip gloss/ lipstick are the things that you need to carry during your summer vacation but remember,  don’t go over aboard on make up during summers because the heat can spoil your look by ruining your makeup.

Fusion Beat Sun-dress collection

By keeping a flattering sundress in your luggage you can make the perfect summer style statement. The beautiful breezy sun-dress that keeps you cool & comfortable on a hot summer day shows off your sun kissed shoulders & bronze legs which will make you look stunning.
blogSpread the word among your ladies and have a beautiful summer holidays!


The Free Spirited Way!

Some women are not meant to be tamed. So how can fashion define them? Set them in a mould? Give them a name?…That’s why ‘Fusion Beats’. It’s not Fashion. It’s an expression of who you are!

product 5 copy

This month, the world celebrated International Women’s day, so did we, by launching our spring summer collection 2015 -Free Spirit. Dedicating to the Free Spirited souls, this range captures the essence of an urban girl. This women’s day we gave a tribute to all the free spirited women who are very passionate and are often inspired by different ideas, attitudes  & experiences.

product 6 copy

Our Free Spirit collection broadly consists of various aspects of a women’s personality like gypsy truck apparel highlighted with bohemian border called as ‘Truck Art’. We have induced traditional Japanese art called ‘Shibori’, which has dip-dyed effects. Our free spirit collection also has classic black and birch monochrome palette. Fusion Beats designers have a fresh take on denims this season. From Hi-summer jumpers to fun dungarees, this trend remains a fixture in high fashion.


This spring try our free flowing maxi skirts, flared jumpers, cropped culottes, hi-low maxis for a perfect fusion of modern meets earthy and embark on your way to self discovery. And celebrate your freedom in style.

Go the Free Spirited way!